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Annually, Over 300 Organisations are trained and certified at our strategic learning centres of excellence. Read their feedback to understand, how we help executives and departments boost their performance results.

Competitors View has drafted good platform to bring many industry together and have set up a new benchmark for corporate trainings in India. Courses have relevant case studies and are expressed with good set of examples by the faculty. What we learn at View`s learning platforms is transformational with immediate return on investment

The faculty was outstanding and content was managed very nicely by right mix of theory and case studies. The program arrangement by View was very nice and venue for the programme was also great.

Good coordination, well managed corporate event. But would suggest making networking point as part of the event next time. Every participant should be forced to be part of activity wherein they can interact with each other. Normally leisure dinner do the trick.

Seasoned faculty exhibiting high level of exuberance and thereby engagement. He has been very stimulating with relevant seniors and high degree of articulation. His subject matter expertise on TCO, contracts and supplier management has been great. CV has done a good job to conduct this program.

The event was very well managed and CV team was quite cooperative and responsive. Excellent preparation and exposure on subject specific content. Easy to understand and can be related to day to day activities.

Thanks to Competitors View for organising this course and making it feel proud to be associated with such highly learning Programs. The trainer has excellent knowledge on the subject matter. He has desired knowledge and exposure to do varied strategies and best practices with right set of example.

It was great experience to attend the CPSCM Course organised by Competitors View.

Thanks to Competitors View for this unique and perfect approach to organise this training. Great team and spotless execution. I agree the trainer has all the qualities and attributes in the field of Procurement. Information shared was to the point. Thoroughly knowledgeable in the sourcing global practices. Always ready to help on the clarification. Probably best in the business of procurement and negotiating training. I recommend trainings by Competitors View to all C-Suite Executives.

Competitors View has taken good initiative of creating such executive courses in India. Well experienced, feels good to be trained by someone who headed Intel’s procurement. Case studies were more focused.

Training’s by Competitors View are expensive when compared to any other strategy consulting firm in India and there is a reason behind it, great ROI from their training programs, value for money 100% worth. View is a valuable training partner for the experienced senior professionals meeting the requirement exactly needed

Competitors View entire team on site was of great support and help and they also ensured seamless training went through. In fact pre training communication/connects were helpful and team was engaged throughout. Trainer is really great presenter and deeply knowledgeable on the subject, which probably is still very niche in the industry. Enough time was given to delegates to share their views and experiences. I recommend trainings by Competitors View to all C-Suite Executives.

Competitors View was thorough in preparation; program was well designed with phenomenal execution. The trainer was experienced and grounded. Excellent real life example to be able to relate. Meticulous, engaging and full of energy.

Good initiative by Competitors View and quite well organised. Friendly people with personal attention to all with zero errors. Thanks for this seminar

Competitors View is a great training partner. MasterClass by Competitors View was managed very professionally. Trainer carried lot of experience in procurement and encouraged participation

A great executive learning partner, Positive and good approach by Competitors view to organise such events. The trainer was very well connected, had great listening ability with good planning.

Training was well managed and professionally organised by Competitors View . Should work on course content for entry and senior professionals at competitive rates. The trainer had great knowledge depth and researched lots of live cases which made the sessions interesting and engaged. Perfect show by Razum and his entire team.

Thanks to Competitors View for putting together such programs. The Management under Razum Rajan has been great. I found trainers having fabulous knowledge and experience in procurement and supply chain field. He was able to lucidly explain the subject matter with a good sense of humour. Good quality of thought and structured presentation. To buy “Performance Results” instead of “Goods and Services” was the key take away message.

Excellent knowledge of subject and case studies which was well placed to understand the negotiation skills. Theoretical and practical understanding which can be implemented. Also helped to understand, how to keep both buyers and suppliers in win/win situation. In spite of heavy rain in Mumbai the training was well organised and very supportive on-site staff at the venue..

The 2 Day CGNE™ Certification was excellent. It was very well organised and thanks to CV for conducting this CGNE™ course…

Very well informed and knowledgeable. The training was well imparted and managed. Overall experience for 2 days was excellent…

The CGNE™ Masterclass carries good and realistic case studies. The program had a great mix between listening and activities….

Well done to Competitors View. The CGNE™ Certification carries immense value for senior procurement executives with highly useful tools being discussed. I definitely look forward to attend next upcoming capability building sessions by Competitors View…..

The CGNE™ training was very good and worth attending. The tool of investigating negotiation planning is really useful. Thanks to Competitors View for such outstanding arrangement despite uncertainty due to heavy rains and flood.