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“The CPSCM™ Certification is an absolute game changer, and is by far the most valuable Purchasing & Supply Chain Management certification program available today.”

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The CPSCM™ is the only certification program in its field that is focused on transformation instead of baseline understanding and memorization. The procurement profession is burdened with legacy practices and suboptimal processes and results. While existing certification programs are very solid, informational, and well respected, they fail to recognize the transformation required to move the procurement profession forward, from being treated as a cost center to being and being perceived as a Value Added Center of Profit inside the company. This same transformation opportunity presents itself to individuals who pursue this program, helping put them on the CPO fast track.

Endorsed by Harvard University Supply Chain Instructor, The CPSCM™ Certification is an absolute game changer, and is by far the most valuable Purchasing & Supply Chain Management certification program available today. The CPSCM™ program is affiliated by the Centre for Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Excellence, a subsidiary of Purchasing Advantage (CA, USA). You’ll re architect the purchasing process to focus on buying Performance Results from the very beginning. It’ll take you less time and you’ll get much better results. You’re going to be the only person in your department who is not being hounded by suppliers, end users, management and other frustrated parties because there will be no fires to put out and no supplier performance issues to fix. Your supplier performance results will rapidly improve, making you look like the stellar professional you deserve to be viewed as.