CV runs customized, in-house courses for companies who need to train a whole team. Our in-house courses are made-to-measure solutions that inspire your team to dramatically boost business performance and exceed targets. Our experts come to you and the course is tailored to your business model and the level of your participants.
Loaded with best-practice case studies and in-depth advice, our courses provide people in the business with the confidence, skills and knowledge they need to master their industry.
We share real life case studies relevant to your needs. We aim to challenge you, inspire you and help solve your problems.


  • Consistent quality: Equip your team with industry knowledge and practical skills using real life case studies relevant to your business, employees may prefer learning with their colleagues, and training all of your staff together also means that you can be sure of the consistency of their learning and development.
  • Cost efficient: If you need to train a group of employees, in-house training can often save you money as compared with external training courses reduce operational costs with training that is tailored around your exact needs and requirements.
  • Competitive advantage: Resolve your challenges and improve margins through comprehensive, customised training, identifying the emerging trends, pain points and sharpen your skills to tackle these areas and grab the first mover advantage in the industry, training structure and materials are private and kept confidential.
  • Convenience: Running a course in-house means that you can choose a time, location and pace to suit you and your colleagues, saving you both time and money.