The only source of knowledge is experience and we at Competitors view believe that knowledge increases by sharing it and not hoarding it. Interviews of senior decision makers in the business are rolled and published online and takeaway hard copies are shared during training sessions.
We love interviewing clients for documentary style business videos. We’ve used these types of videos for corporate websites, speaker introductions (at conferences), and as trade show videos.
In-depth interviews are the most versatile form of primary research, and are appropriate when targeting detailed perceptions, opinions, and attitudes. In-depth interviews are particularly effective when the goal is to capture feedback that is sensitive. These interviews can be conducted in-person or over the telephone to gain deeper insight to specific objectives by probing for quality responses. This offers an advantage over self-completion methods, such as surveys, because the respondent is more likely to give their full attention and the interviewer can deduce the quality of each response.
This has proved to be a very significant medium for decision makers in the industry to get a view of their peers around issues affecting decision makers in the industry and at the same time keep ahead their opinion among the mass and share real life experiences.
Post In-depth research around key areas in the function, set of questions with predetermined objectives and cause are developed and kept before senior corporates during these interviews, answers to which provides insight into key issues in operations.

Advantages of Corporate Interviews:

  • Allow for more in-depth data collection and comprehensive understanding among industry peers
  • Managers can learn from these interviews as senior decision makers share their real life experiences and their view towards prevalent pain points
  • Body language and facial expressions are more clearly identified and understood
  • The interviewer can probe for explanations of responses
  • Stimulus material and visual aids can be used to support the interview