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HR is an important part for every Organization. The role of The HR department has to change from a more bureaucratic approach to a business partner. Some HR departments already have changed their title but didn’t change what they do. Understanding the business, what kind of projects are going on, what kind of Competencies do we need in this project, what kind of Competencies do we already have in our employees and which do we need to build. If somebody has a certain job and job level, what kind of Competencies should he have and how can I as HR make sure that he/she has them.

The other challenge is that latest in the year 2030 we will have a lack of Talented People. Companies have more Projects and Business than they can do, because they do not have enough Talented People. What does this mean? Companies need to be a “Great Place to Work” so that people want to join them. Companies need succession planning for their people, this is part of Talent Management. Succession planning is one reason why people join companies; money is not reason number #1.

Young and Talented People do want to have Managers and Leaders who build them and help them to grow. This is not just a problem in of the business, this is also valid for people inside of HR. Leaders of HR should know how to build up a modern Talent Management System, but they also should know how to build up their own people and coach them.

Your career and income trajectory will catapult.

The CHRD Masterclass will give you an insight on how different verticals in HR are integrated and aligned to drive the organization goals. It will give you a sharp focus on the application of HR knowledge grounded in conceptual frameworks, along with a perspective of how the HR function effectively supports business objectives.
The Certified Human Resources Director (CHRD) Program trains HR Managers to broaden the understanding of human resources in the area of Business Support. It prepares managers to better understand themselves and how they can be a charismatic person of influence.

We also promise that you won't learn useless academic theory that doesn’t apply to your skills, job, and your income.

Everything you learn can be implemented right away.

The program enables the participants to consult their management team in all areas of people development. They will be able to actively create and lead the implementation of competency profiles. Enabling people by Coaching and using the Coaching

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About your Instructor

Rolf Hartung is founder of “Rolf Hartung: Talent Management Consulting” and certified as “NLP Master and Trainer DVNLP” & “Coach DVNLP” which focus on Human Change and Communication. As Certified Trainer, he holds a certification as “Project Manager” from the George Washington University, Washington, USA. With over 20 years of experience, he certified other instructors and drove a “Coach the Coach’’ Program. One of his special features lies within Organizational Development where he designed effective training programs for users across multiple responsibility levels and cultures. It includes the Development of Competency Profiles, Skill Driven Development Programs and the implementation of Premium Skills People Development Programs for different kind of jobs and their levels based on the Lominger Competencies as well as to evaluate training effectiveness.

His training programs and expertise range across a variety of bringing people to the expected competency level or to the next level of possible promotions. An additional asset is his long lasting experience in providing training in and making use of Neuro Linguistic Programming, to create and deliver Leadership & Communication Trainings, in close relation with HR. Most of his professional projects have been concentrated in People Development and Organizational Development accompanied by proven Leadership and People Management Skills Training. His most recent project has been the setting up of an Academic Program “How to find new talents” where he hired 30-60 new people per year from University worldwide to enable them to participate in a 6-month training program and guide them all along their new jobs. Rolf Hartung concentrates on approaching companies to step onto a higher ground, being convinced that individual values and believes are the key drivers for dealing with and creating positive change individually, in teams and within organizations.

Since 2017 Rolf Hartung is Talent Management Expert of the Awards Selection Committee “Talent Management Awards” which is an Award with the German Newspaper “Handelsblatt”.

Diplomatic Council, which is Consultant of the UN values Rolf Hartung with a Director title and Trusted Advisor Status for his input in the Otto Schell Digital Transformation Institute with his Whitepaper “Talent Competency Index”.

With high international recognition, Rolf Hartung has worked and trained professionals in Austria, China, India, France, Germany, Iran, Japan, Malaysia, UK, USA, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, South Korea, and Thailand.