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As a global organization, Competitors View has helped a little over 70% of Fortune 500 clients throughout the world to establish and utilize best practices leading to the achievement of better results than ever before. Identifying internal experts and having them trained as black belts.

With our global professional communities, we aim to extend our reach to 80% of the Fortune 500 Organizations in the fiscal year 2018 -2019.

Priyanka Ghosh, Senior Editor
Competitors View

We at VIEW make sure that we stay true to focus, laser focus and do whatever it takes to get you from where you are to where you want to be. At any organization great things can be done a few times, only on few services. The goal as a company is to have those services delivered in a way that is not just the best but legendary. "

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    The CGNE™ MasterClass
    Held On : June 06-07 |2018

    CGNE™ - Certified Global Negotiation Executive™

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    The View Symposium
    Held On : June 07-09 | 2018

    The 2018 Negotiation and Leadership Symposium powered by Negotiation Asia

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    The CPSCM™ Forum
    Held On : May 22-26 | 2017

    CPSCM™ – The Fortune 500 Certification Program of Choice™

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    Certified Global Negotiation Executive
    Held On : Aug 30-31|2017

    Master Negotiations for Executives - The Harvard University Approach..

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    The CPSCM™ Forum
    Held On : Dec 18-22|2017

    CPSCM™ – The Fortune 500 Certification Program of Choice™


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